Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp - Pros and Cons By Emmet Loque

For years, mankind has been provided with various facilities. One of those accessories is magnetic jewelry clasp, which gives you a convenient safety grasp for your ornament. While the magnetic clasp provides added safety to your jewelry, it is also beneficial to your health. By using this clasp, you can enjoy your life without any concern of losing your jewelry.

There is a fact that a claimed magnetic jewelry clasp produces electric current. Through modern research, it has been proved that magnetic jewelry increases the oxygen flow to the blood and create heat among body tissues. The jewelry clasp magnetic force is relevant to human body's natural magnetic force.

There are many benefits of using this kind of jewelry clasp. Occasionally, it's being used for healing purposes. It has been convicted that the magnetic clasp regulates natural function of our body and heal many diseases through its magnetic therapy. This involved diseases such as shoulder pain, ruptured disks, wrist pain, asthma and fibromyalgia. It is also claimed able to cures osteoporosis, bed sores, insomnia, headaches, arthritis and many others. It relatively work great for arthritis patients. Besides of these features, it also increase the preciousness of your jewelry.

Apart from it beneficial aspect, there are also disadvantages of using it. Majority of people are facing pollution daily. Because of this, many people have faced several symptoms of blood pressure, headache, chest pain and many more. The magnetic waves emitted by the clasp will disturb the human body's natural immunity system; moreover, it's harmful to pregnant woman as well as people using devices such as pacemakers.

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Magnetic Jewelry Clasp